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"Gnarly." "Epic." "So rad!" Pure elation as a twelve-year-old Tobin rode the chair lift with his buddies and, with frozen fingers, scanned the MiniDV footage of their last park run. 

Long gone are the days he would bask in this 480p mediocrity-- but that enthusiasm, that stoke was the spark that ignited his passion for filmmaking. 


Tobin went on to successfully drop out of film school, opting for the lessons of the real world. He began his career as an editor where he sharpened his eye for structure and rhythm.


He has since been working as a commercial filmmaker, collaborating closely with brands to craft meaningful stories that have expanded and reshaped their approach to storytelling.


A writer, director, and editor, he is driven by narrative and looks for it in the smallest of moments.


From the off-piste glory of the Rockies to the dolphin-infested waters of the Santa Monica bay, Tobin finds a deep connection and a wealth of inspiration from the natural world.  He considers it our greatest teacher-- the source of all story.

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